White Coats

Our white coats are made for women and designed by a female dermatologist for women in healthcare. They merge a modern-day aesthetic appearance, luxurious fabrics, and a smart style to create the perfect white coat for women in the medical workforce including female physicians and healthcare providers.

We have combined years of contemporary seaming techniques, custom tailoring, and classic styles for a refined and professional look. Our luxurious fabrics never wrinkle and are easy to wash and dry in one cycle without having to worry about ironing. There is also an added stretch for comfort and ease of movement.

While most white coats and hospital provided coats can be particularly uncomfortable, boxy, heavy and manly, these coats add an element of professionalism yet style to your daily wear in hospitals or clinics. More than half of graduating doctors are now women, so it is important to be able to have items that are designed for them and fit them well. Order your custom white coat today to suit your style as both a physician and woman.

White Coats

The ideas behind the white coat include the following goals and principles:

  • tailoring to a female shape while looking fashionable
  • Soft and light fabric that does not feel heavy
  • Resistant to wrinkles and stains, easy to wash
  • Pockets that are useful and applicable to hold personal items
  • Designed to look great, while also keeping functionality and versatility in mind
  • Efficiency is paramount to keep special areas to hold pens, pagers, cell phones and medical instruments so that they are easy to find
  • The goal is to look so fabulous that when you walk through the hospital corridors, people stop you to see it because you look so unique and sharp!

While it is not easy to be both a woman and a physician, juggling work, family, life, and female responsibilities, you have earned the right to wear a unique white coat that makes you feel like the hero that you are. We hope that you will agree that our white coats enhance your professional style and give you the ability to perform while looking great – no one deserves it more than you!

Female doctors are special – and your white coat should be too!